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Title : Breaking the Rules
Author : fredbassett
Fandom : Primeval
Rating : 18
Characters : Becker/Danny
Disclaimer : Not mine no money made, don’t sue.
Spoilers : None
Summary : Written for Primeval100 Challenge 174 You want me to put that where?
Warnings : Gun!Porn. Well, someone had to do it for this prompt!!

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Title: Comment!Porn, The Collector’s Edition, Volume 1, Gun!Kink
Fandom: Primeval (Numb3rs)
Authors: entangled_now, fredbassett, noxnoctisanima
Pairing :  Ryan/Lester, (Ryan/Don)
Rating: 18/NC17
Spoilers: Only to your moral standards
Warning: Wholly inappropriate use of firearms, do not try this at home, or anywhere else for that matter, not child (or adult) safe!! In short, really, really kinky.  Got that?
Disclaimer: We don’t own them, but if we did, the show wouldn’t air before the watershed.

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Aided and abetted by [personal profile] entangled_now     , [profile] fredbasset     Productions welcomes you to the first ever Primeval Comment!Porn Fest. here you will hopefully find an ever-growing list of comment!porn drabbles, so please feel free to come and play. No pairing is taboo, and nothing is too inappropriate! Use it as an opportunity to write mini-smut drabblets so offensively outrageous that you would blush to host them on your own LJ, or anywhere else for that matter, but here? No worries, you're amongst friends!! There are No Rules. Anything goes, no warnings needed, as hopefully my Perv's Setting is fully enabled. Comment drabblets can be as short or as long as you like, and feel free to set up a comment!porn orgy by joining in other threads! [personal profile] oddegg   , if you want to try your hand at Leek!Porn, we won't stop you, but we might hide under the bed, screaming!  Anyone is welcome to add to this thread at any time!!

Authors now include : entangled_now, deinonychus_1, telperion_15, dopeydora_67, admiralandrea, onigaminanashi, barefoot_starz, noxnoctisanima, byrons_brain, emmademarais, rodlox and a Special Guest Appearance by munchkinofdoom, introducing us to Ryan/Sheppard!!!

Multiple pairings, including SGA crossovers (Ryan/Lorne and Ryan/Sheppard).

Warning!  Loads of lovely Gun!kink.

And don't forget to check all the minimised threads carefully, as you will find porn lurking everywhere, like little prezzies hidden on a great big Christmas tree!!!!!!!

And still the threads keep expanding ............., 


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