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Title : A Clone Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas
Author : fredbassett
Fandom : Primeval
Rating : 12
Characters : Nick, Clone!Nick
Disclaimer : Not mine, no money made, don’t sue.
Spoilers : None
Summary : Nick is determined to do the right thing.
A/N : Written for [ profile] elfinessy's fandom stocking

“He’s coming home with me.” Nick’s eyes swept over the onlookers gathered in the small hospital room, daring any of them to object.

“Nick, the doctors think you should stay in overnight, at the very least,” Jenny said, laying a gentle hand on his arm.

“Ach, it’s no more than a scratch.” Nick patted his bandaged side and forced a smile. He had no intention of admitting that it still hurt like hell, despite the painkillers, but he hated hospitals and just wanted to be at home with a glass of decent whisky in his hand.


Nick held his hand up and said firmly, “Lester…” First rule of shutting anyone up: always use their name. Nick’s favourite professor from his student days had let him into that secret, and she’d been right, it never failed. Lester hesitated and that was all Nick needed. “You know perfectly well that we’ll never keep the twin brother act going for long in here. If we’re not careful, someone will think he needs sectioning, and the poor wee bugger’s been through enough.”

He could see Jenny was almost convinced and even Lester looked like a man struggling to come up with an alternative. The simple truth was that none of them had any idea what to do with the clone.

The scene in the ARC just before the bomb went off flashed vividly before Nick’s eyes. He’d told the clone he didn’t have to follow Helen’s orders. The clone had hesitated, confusion in his blue eyes Nick had grabbed his hand, yelled “Run!” and started towing Helen’s creation out of the atrium. The clone had hesitated at first, but then Nick’s urgency had got through him and, with a sense of self-preservation that he was never meant to have had, the clone went with Nick, running out of the heart of the ARC only seconds before the bomb went off.

The force of the blast had knocked them both off their feet, but the fire doors that closed behind them saved them from a potentially lethal hail of lying debris. Nick had come to his senses first and had taken the clone’s hand and hauled him to his feet.

Their encounter with Helen on the way out of the ARC had been enough to convince him that his wife had finally parted company with reality. After living in her shadow for so long, Nick had reached the end of his tether with her antics, and that must have shown in his eyes. He’d not really expected her to pull the trigger, but the clone had, and he’d launched himself at Nick. The bullet that had been aimed at Nick’s chest had ended up doing no more than grazing his side. It had hurt like fuck, but he’d lived to tell the tale.

So had Helen. She’d given Becker and his men the slip, melting away into the smoke and shadows as ever. Nick knew that accepting an additional level of security protection was inevitable, at least for a while, so he decided to beat Lester to it.

“I’m sure Captain Becker is more than capable of making sure Helen doesn’t get the chance of taking another pot-shot at me.” He glanced at the clone and added, “At us.”

Lester accepted the olive branch. “Just make sure you don’t go anywhere unaccompanied. Becker will give you a panic button. Hang it round your neck and don’t bloody well take it off. Do I make myself clear?”

Nick fought back a grin. “Crystal clear.” He looked at the clone and smiled. “Come on, we’re going home.”

As they walked out of the door, the clone following at Nick’s heels like a faithful dog, he heard Lester mutter, “Remember, Professor, a clone is for life, not just for Christmas.”

Nick just tightened his grip on the clone’s hand. The first thing he was going to need was a name.
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