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Well, it's been a mixed year for the Hound. I've still struggled healthwise at times, but hopefully things are improving. In September, I finally retired, which has certainly given me more time for writing. I've also had several fantastic weekends away with my lovely LJ friends and am looking forward to more to come.

My fic count has steadily risen. In 2007 it was 113,948 words, in 2008 this increased to 162,332 and in 2009 it rose to a whopping 239,788!!! An increase by a very respectable 77,456.

This word count includes 50,031 on the AU series Silk and Steel, which I am co-authoring with my beloved Evil Twin, [ profile] munchkinofdoom . The series saw another 19 chapters added, and we now have it planned out to the end, so 2010 will see this project finished, I think. It's already novel lenth at 98,205 words!!!  My main Stephen/Ryan, Lester/Lyle series amounted to 55,332 words this year, and the team have finally arrived in the ARC! But I've also written 59,744 words of other pairings, so I'm certainly not exclusive to ma boys! The only other fandom I wrote in this year was Stargate Atlantis, with a birthday fic for my lovely friend, [ profile] neevebrody .

My most major work this year has been on Virtual Series Four. My word count on the double episode I wrote, and the finale I co-authored with Munchkin amounted to approximately 50,000 words, which is Big Bang length without a doubt, and makes up for the fact that I didn't manage a standalone Big Bang.  I hope to remedy this in 2010, though, and I am 9,000 words into a prison fic AU featuring the team, set on Dartmoor. I'm hoping that will make the Big Bang word count.

I'd also like to return to my orginal fic projects in 2010, so *paws crossed* for that.

Anyway, guys, thank you for making 2009 a much better year than it would have been without you all! *HUGS*


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