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My new address is up and running.  Apologies to anyone who gets notified of the change more than once!  Please bear with me.

The new address is

or (obviously replacing this with my real names, for those who know them, with no dot in between).

Sorry for any chaos!
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That's the bad news. The good news is that even Mr FB has now got sufficiently hacked off with the muppets who have consistently failed to provide any sort of sensible service and has sorted out a new provider who he seems happy with. Those long-suffering people who try to email me regularly will be used to these shenanigans, but hopefully in the next couple of hours when the new domain name comes into effect I'll be back in business again, subject to the tedious business of mailing my entire address book and asking them to change over my details. I'll also be changing my settings here, profile page etc etbloodycetera, but hopefully we will get less hassle and a more reliable service in future. I haven't a clue who the new provider is, as in this house email and internet is Man's Business and as I am as able to deal with these things as my dog is of critiquing the Theory of Relativity I shall smile and nod and hope he's picked someone sensible, which I think he probably has.

The new address will be, or for those who know my real name it will be, with no dot separating the names. I will try to mail everyone as soon as it's fully operative.

Thanks for your patience, folks!

Edited to add: I am told that if/when our previous providers sort themselves out that stuff to the old address can then be diverted to the new one, but I ain't holding my breath for that one.
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Apologies to anyone waiting for a beta from me, in particular [ profile] talliw and [ profile] kristen_mara.

I caught up with nearly all my beta stuff today, and emailed it all off. Then at the end of the afternoon, I realised I had received no incoming mail at all, and no LJ comments. I then realised that stuff I'd posted had received comments, but no notifications had come through to me.

Then the friend who runs our domain stuff rang up to say he'd inadvertently crashed the site. Problem now sorted, so I'm told, but it will probably be tomorrow before it gets restored. So when that happens, I'll go back through my sent box and resend all the beta stuff. So if I haven't replied to comments anywhere, or answered emails, this is why!

*growl*  It's bloody frustrating!!!!

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Just a quick note for those who don't know, but I'm off on holiday tomorrow afternoon for two weeks, and might not have much internet connection (depends on whether EDF connect our electricity up in time or not).  Plus, if it's anything like the week before Xmas, we might be able to receive emails while we're over at our friends house, but for some reason we couldn't manage to send email from there, so if I don't answer any emails for two weeks, and don't get much chance to comment on fic or threads or whatever, I haven't vanished totally!!!  But I will be able to watch Primeval on Saturday night as we're heading down the road to our friend's house to scrounge pizza and TV!!!  What her three boys don't realise is that their mother and I are actually perving the pretty, not just having dinosaur fun!!   Missing you all already!!!!!!!!!!!            *waves*
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I've been having random email problems for the last few weeks (so has Mr fb).  It improved, but is now back to being strange again and we can't work out why.  Seems to be an ISP problem not an over-active spam filter, with mail seemingly  bouncing back to sender randomly.  I normally reply rapidly to emails, so if I don't it's probably caught up somewhere in cyber-space, or alternatively bouncing back to you like a rubber ball.  If this happens, or if you're expecting a reply you don't get, please post here to let me know, so I can track if the problem is still ongoing or not.  Thanks, guys!   (I also seem to get comment notifications at some times and not others, but I suspect that is just the usual LJ weirdness.)


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