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The main Primeval list has now got so large that I've had to hive all the standlone fic off into their own list!

Standalone Fic

On The Beach     [Stephen]  [15]
Brave New World     [Connor/Nick]  [15]
Perchance to Dream     [Nick/Helen]  [18]
A Really Bad Party     [Primeval/Rome Crossover]  [Mark Antony]  [15]
Dead Dinosaur Is Not A Hair Care Product     [Ryan, Connor, Lester]  [15]
Plan A     [Ryan, Connor]  [15]
Truth or Dare     [Primeval/Matthew Reilly Books]  [Ryan/Schofield]  [18]
Something Of The Night     [Connor/Ryan]  [18]
Professor Cutter Rang     [Team]  [12]
101 Ways Not To Work : Number 37     [Nick/Stephen]  [18]
Not According To Plan       [Helen/Leek]  [15]
My Mother Made Them For Me       [Connor/Ryan]   [15]
Displacement Activity       [Connor/Nick]   [18]
Deep and Crisp and Even       [Primeval/Matthew Reilly Books]   [Stephen/Schofield]  [18]
More Effective Than Antihistamines     [Nick/Stephen]  [18]
Nine Out Of Ten Cats Said They Preferred It    [Nick/Stephen]  [18]
Alternative Medicine   [Nick/Stephen]  [15]
Hope Never Comes    [Leek/Lester]  [18]
Unexpected   [Claudia/Jenny]  [15]
If Sweet-Talkin' You Could Make It Come True   [Connor(/Caroline)(/Abby)]  [15]
Back From The Brink   [Nick/Stephen]  [18]
Chaos and Orders    [Nick/Stephen]  [18]
Darkness Beckons   [Connor, Abby, The Cleaner(s)]  [18]
An Enquiring Mind    [Nick/Stephen]   [18]
The Past is a Strange Country [Connor/Danny]  [18]
Actions Speak Louder Than Words   [Connor/Ryan]  [18]
Chasing Shadows   [Becker/Nick]  [18]
Homecoming   [Helen/Nick]   [15]
Winter's Rage [Claudia, Jenny]  [15]
Emerald Ice    [Nick/Blade]   [18]
Sunday Morning & Well Fucked [ Lester/Ryan & Stephen/Ryan]   [18]  [Comment Porn]
Double or Quits [Connor/Ditzy/Ryan] [18]
Eat, Drink and be Merry [Lester/Ryan]  [15]
Not Alone   [Nick/Connor]   [15]
Moving On   [Nick/Jenny]  [15]
If Wishes Were Horses   [Lester/Stephen]  [18]
Going With The Flow   [Jenny/Sarah]  [18]
They Really Do Taste Like Chicken, Don't they? [Stephen/Ryan]  [18]
Another Time, Another Chance   [Stephen/Helen, Stephen/Nick]   [18]
A Hard Day's Night   [Connor/Ryan]  [15]
After So Long [Nick/Stephen]  [18]
Mess, Mess, Glorious Mess [Becker/Ryan]  [18]
Lost and Found [Nick/Stephen]  [15]
The Secret   [Becker/Danny]  [15]
All the Fun of the Seaside [Nick/Stephen]  [18]
Without Care or Keeper [Abby/Connor]  [18]
A Helping Hand [Stephen/Blade]  [18]
Just Visiting [Helen, Connor, Mary Tremayne]  [12]
All in a Day's Work [Claudia, Ryan, Nick, Connor, Abby, Stephen]  [15]
Defying Definition [Blade/Kermit] [18]
The Devil's Knell [Claudia/Ryan] [15]
Not Playing Fair [Becker/Danny] [18]
Under Orders [Becker/Danny/Lester] [18]
New Job [Ryan/Dimitri Levendis]  [18]  [Crossover with Spooks]
His Choice [Lester/OCs]  [18]
For Old Times' Sake [Stringer/Wilder]  [18]
Spoils of War [Lester/Wilder, Becker/Lester] [18]
Another Inhibition Bites the Dust [Lester/Ryan]  [18]
Friends in Need [Sarah, Jenny]  [12]
Budgets and Balloons [Lester, Team]  [12]
A Fresh Start [Nick/Stephen]  [15]
Bored and Disruptive [Becker/Ryan]  [18]
Spit or Swallow [Burton, Ethan/OC]  [18]
Pushing Her Buttons Jess, Becker, Lester, Connor] [12]
Unwinding [Becker/Nick] [18]
To Beg or Not to Beg [Becker/Ryan] [18]
All that Matters [Caroline/Leek]  [18]
The Morning After the Night Before [Nick/Stephen]  [12]
Rising to the Occasion [Becker/Connor]  [15]
Two Into One Will Go [Becker/Connor/Lester]  [18]
Not Home and Not Alone [Connor/Leek]  [18]
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? [Helen]  [12]
On Salisbury Plain [Nick/Stephen] [18]
Just Call Me George [Becker/Ryan] [18] [co-authored with lukadreaming]
Through Fire and Smoke [Jenny, Nick, Connor, Becker, Lester]  [15]
Guessing Games [Nick/Stephen]  [12]
Happy New Year [Lester/Ryan]  [15]
Dangerous Liasons [Jenny, Helen] [12]
Don't Wait Up [Helen/Nick]  [12]
Just Over an Hour [Jess, Lester, Connor, Becker, Abby, Matt]  [12]
Turn and Turn About [Helen, Ryan]  [18]
A Crystal Ball in a Crystal Palace [Emily, Henry Merchant] [12]
All Work and No Play [Nick/Stephen] [15]
A Mind of its Own [Becker/Ryan]  [15]
No More Secrets [Nick, Stephen]  [12]
Just Because It Eats Grass Doesn't Mean It's Safe [Becker, Connor]  [12]
A Close Shave [Becker/Blade]  [15]
Power Play [Lester, Helen]  [12]
Meet the Ancestors [Becker, Connor, Abby, Danny, Jenny] [12]
Flight or Fight [Stephen/Ryan, Becker, Nick, Connor, Abby] [15]
Burger and Chips [Ryan/Blade] [15] [set in the house!fic universe]
Release [Becker/Jess] [18]
Under a Permian Sky [Helen, Emily] [12]
You Can But Anything in Harrods [Danny/Lester, Connor] [12]
Nothing But the Best [12]
The Moon at Even [Claudia/Nick, Kermit/Cara] [12]
Shadow at Morning, Shadow at Evening, Part 1 Part 2 [Jenny/Nick, Connor, Abby, Lester, Becker, Stephen, Ryan] [15]
Home Again [Lester/Lyle, Liz/Juliet] [12]
The Lion and the Unicorn [Nick, Ryan, Stephen, Abby, Connor] [15]
Hell and Back [Becker, Connor] [15]
Right as a Trivet [Abby/Connor] [12]
Up Against It [Becker/Stephen] [15]
Passing the Time [Becker/Matt] [15]
The Three of Us [Becker/Jess/Lester] [12]
The Fall [Becker, Stephen & others] [15]
The Girl in the Mirror [Claudia] [15]
Talisker For Two [Nick, Lester] [15]
On Display [Ryan] [12]
Caged [Becker, Ryan] [18]
Someone To Rely On [Becker/Jess, Connor, Abby, Matt, Emily] [15]
Plausible Deniability [Lester/Ryan, Connor] [15]
Hunting by Gaslight [Emily] [15]
Once Upon a Time in the Past [Stephen/Becker] [15]
Careless Talk [Becker/Connor, Lester, Abby, Danny, Captain Wilder] [18]
Christmas in Market Deeping [Becker, Abby, Emily, Matt, Connor] [15]
All I Got For Christmas [Becker/Lester] [18]
Number of Cats in Bedroom: 0 [Jenny, Nick] [15]
Coffee and Chocolate [Jess/Ryan] [15]
Dear Diary [Lester] [12]
Daddy's Little Darling [Becker, Lester, Matt] [12]
Third Time Pays for All [Becker, Lester] [15]
Lazy Lob and Crazy Cob [Claudia, Ryan, Team & Others] [15]
Learning the Rules [Lester/Lyle, Liz/Juliet] [15]
Grand Pas d'Action [Lester/Lyle, Liz/Juliet] [15]
Forever People [Abby/Connor] [12]
Bloody Students! [Nick/Stephen] [18]
Green Is the Colour [Becker/Matt] [15]
Pains and Sprains [Ditzy, Lester, Connor, Abby, Lorraine] [15]
A Midsummer Day's Dream [Claudia, Ryan, Connor, Lester] [15]
The One That Got Away, Part 1, Part 2 [Lester, Becker, Connor, Abby, Matt Emily] [15]
Death and Taxes [Becker/Jess] [15]
Beating the Clock [Danny/Ryan, Lester, Becker, Nick] [18]
Lost In Translation Nick/Stephen] [15]
BAMF [Lester] [15]
Bunking Up [ Becker/Connor] [12]
The Best Meal of the Day [Primeval New World] [Evan/Mac] [15]
Burlington House, Part 1, Part 2 [Stephen, Lester, Blade, Charles Hemingway] [15]
Spending Spree [Becker/Jess] [12]
The Red Wind [Matt] [15]
Keep Calm and Tell Everyone To Sod Off [Nick/Jenny] [12]
Seven For a Secret, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 [Becker/Jenny, Lester, OCs] [15]
Make Do and Mend [Jess/Stephen] [12]
A Walk On the Wild Side [Becker/Blade] [15]
The Mirror Cracked From Side To Side [Jenny/Nick, Claudia/Nick & others] [15]
All For One [Crossover with The Musketeers] [Connor, Ryan, Athos, Porthos, d'Artagnan] [12]
Closing the Gap [Becker/Ryan] [12]
When the Devil Drives [Nick/Stephen] [12]
Action, Reaction [Becker/Danny] [15]
A Blooming Nuisance, Part 1, Part 2 [Abby, Danny, Ryan, Lester, Connor, Becker, Jenny] [15]
Extraction, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 [Ryan/Lester] [15]
A Walk in the Park [Lester, Abby, The Mammoth] [12]
The Guinea Pig's Revenge [Becker, Jess] [12]
Bad Hair Day [Danny/Lester] [15]
An East Wind [Crossover with The Works of JRRR Tolkien] [Lester/Lyle, Liz, Khamul] [12]
Unfinished Business [Lester/Ryan] [12]
The Late Shift [Lester/Jess] [12]
Five For The Symbols At Your Door, Part 1, Part 2 [Becker/Ethan] [15]
The Keeper [OCs] [12]
Keeping Count [Abby/Connor] [12]
Shafted [Crossover with The Hobbit] [Ryan, Thorin] [15]
Breaking the Ice [Claudia, Lester, (Cutter, Stephen, Ryan)] [12]
Man's Long Shadow [Claudia, Ryan, Nick, Stephen, Abby, Connor] [15]
Cool Kids [OCs, Ryan, Stephen, Ditzy] [15]
Under a Pitliess Sky [Danny] [15]
In His Image [Becker, Danny, Abby, Jenny] [12]
False Friends [OCs, Helen, Stephen] [12]
Go Ape [Becker/Danny] [15]
The World After [Claudia] [15]
The Dark of the Night [Helen/Nick] [15]
Sing a Song of Sorrow and Grieving [Claudia/Nick] [15]
The Coldest of Cold Shoulders [Stephen(/Ryan), Nick, Abby, Connor, Jenny, Lester] [15]
Rise to Meet the Day [Emily/Matt, OCs] [12]
If It Looks Like a Duck... [Lester, Cutter] [12]
Let the Dog See the Rabbit [Ryan/Blade] [15]
A Clone is for Life Not Just for Christmas [Nick, clone!Nick, Lester] [12]


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